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Moses: God's Man for Challenging Times

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Evangelical Press

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The life of Moses presents us with difficulties and challenges much like those we are facing today. We live in times in which the dark storm clouds of opposition and hatred are increasingly gathering over the people of God. The stage is being set for anti-Christ. The times are so dark and troubling that many Christians find themselves disheartened and discouraged. As we study his life, we shall find comfort in knowing that our God is as sufficient for us as he was for Moses. Three men tower above all the others in the Old Testament: Abraham, Moses and David. Of these three Moses may be regarded as the greatest. As Israel's deliverer, leader and law-giver, he moulded a multitude of slaves into a nation. These are well known historical details, but why should anyone who is not interested in history. concern himself with the life of Moses? Here are some answers.