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Moving Out: With the Christian Faith (Jeffery)

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Evangelical Press

When we look at the church in general today, we may wonder why it seems to have so little impact on the world we live in. In answering this question Peter Jeffery takes us back to the book of Acts, and the first twelve chapters in particular, to see what it was that made those early Christians so effective. As a new church they faced greater difficulties than we face today, so how did they survive? Highlighting their utter dependence upon God and their obedience to his Word, Peter takes us through this thrilling account of the birth and growth of the church. United in the power of the Holy Spirit and in their love for their fellow men, the desire of the believers was to reach out, not just to their own kind, but to the whole world, with the message of salvation. The church in Acts was not perfect but it was powerful. It was not without its faults but it was faithful. Its determination to obey Jesus and move out with the gospel, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is exactly what we need today.