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My Sunflower Girl: Loss, Grief, and Glory (Williams)

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Evangelical Press
Here is a father's compelling narrative describing the unexpected death of his ten-year-old daughter Megan. The book is well written, factual and honest. Readers may soon find tears in their eyes as they read of the overwhelming grief and pain felt by parents and family in losing their precious daughter. Probing questions are asked in a prayerful and struggling submission to the sovereign providence of God yet in the context of the glory awaiting believers like Megan who trust in Christ. I urge you to read the book and share it with others too.
Dyfan Williams is currently pastor of Emmanuel Church, Leftwich, Cheshire. He married Caroline in 1991 and they have three children: Megan (1993-2003), Lloyd (1995) and Sian (1998).
To read My Sunflower Girl is to overhear the soliloquy of Dyfan Williams, husband, father, and pastor, as he walks through the dark valley where shadows fall around him from the death of his beloved daughter Megan. As in King David's great psalm there is a confession of deep faith ('The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want'). But at times these pages also become conversations between a bruised but trusting soul and the Lord whose presence holds him fast in the dark ('you are with me, your rod and staff they comfort me'). Personal loss is profoundly individual. Yet here, in the poetic soul of Dyfan Williams, you will find an honesty combined with faith, an understanding nourished by experience, and a compassionate and gentle pastoral wisdom. My Sunflower Girl is a profoundly moving testimony to God's presence with his people in their darkest hours.--Sinclair B Ferguson