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Numbers: God's Presence in the Wilderness - Preaching the Word (Duguid)

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The book of Numbers tells the story of Israel’s experience, ranging from their exodus out of Egypt to their entrance into the Promised Land. The lives of two generations are recorded: the first lacking in faith and receiving their just punishment from God, and the second believing the Word of God and so entering into their inheritance as his children.

Like those generations of Israelites, Christians today are also on a journey between events of deepest significance—from the work of Christ that provides our exodus from bondage to sin and death to Jesus’ second coming that ushers his children into the true and final promised land of heaven.

Author Iain Duguid aids both pastors and laypeople on this journey by explaining the profundities of the biblical text, especially its less transparent portions, and communicating the lasting message of God’s devotion to those who follow him in faith.

Table of Contents:

  1. In the Wilderness (1:1)
  2. Stand Up and Be Counted (1:1-46)
  3. A Place for Everyone and Everyone in His Place (1:47-2:34)
  4. Do or Die! (3)
  5. Danger! Levites at Work (4)
  6. Dealing with Disorder (5)
  7. All for Jesus (6:1-21)
  8. I Am So Blessed! (6:22-27)
  9. ‘And a Partridge in a Pear Tree…’ (7)
  10. The Light of the World (8:1-4)
  11. The Substitute (8:5-26)
  12. The God of the Second Chance (9:1-14)
  13. Setting Out (9:15-10:10)
  14. A Good Beginning (10:11-36)
  15. Surprised by Grumbling (11)
  16. Grumbling and Envy (12)
  17. Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory (13, 14)
  18. Demanding Grace (15:1-21)
  19. This Is Your God (15:22-41)
  20. The Southside Rebellion (16:1-40)
  21. The End of Grumbling (16:41-17:13)
  22. The Fear of the Lord (17:12-18:7)
  23. The Reward for Faithful Service (18:8-32)
  24. True Cleanliness (19)
  25. Repeating the Mistakes of the Past (20)
  26. A New Beginning (21)
  27. The Politician and the Donkey (22)
  28. Settled Blessings (23, 24)
  29. From the Heights to the Depths (25)
  30. The Next Generation (26, 27)
  31. Communion with God (28, 29)
  32. Cross My Heart, Hope to Die (30)
  33. Judgment and Atonement (31)
  34. The Problem of Having Too Much (32)
  35. Pilgrim People (33, 34)
  36. Cities of Grace (35)
  37. Walking the Ridgeline (36)


Iain M. Duguid (Ph.D., University of Cambridge) is professor of religion at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania, and visiting professor of Old Testament at Westminster Seminary California. He has written numerous works of biblical exposition, including Ezekiel in the NIV Application Commentary series, Numbers in the Preaching the Word series, and Esther & Ruth in the Reformed Expository Commentary series.