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Our Program: A Christian Political Manifesto (Kuyper)

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Lexham Press

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In Our Program, Kuyper makes a comprehensive effort to engage the secular politics of his day with a Christian alternative. In an era where the church usually either controlled or was controlled by the state, Kuyper showed that it was possible to frame a political program where church and state engage each other but remain separate. Though bound to its time, Our Program is timely for Christians looking for examples of faith working in the political sphere.

Table of Contents:

  1. Our Movement
  2. Authority
  3. The Ordinances of God
  4. Government
  5. No Secular State
  6. ‘By the Grace of God’
  7. Forms of Government
  8. Our Constitution
  9. Popular Influence
  10. Budget Refusal
  11. Decentralization
  12. Our States and Councils
  13. Education
  14. The Justice System
  15. Public Decency
  16. Public Hygiene
  17. Finance
  18. National Defense
  19. Overseas Possessions
  20. The Social Question
  21. Church and State
  22. Party Policy



"Our Program served for decades as an inspiration to Kuyper's followers and set a high standard for his opponents to match. For us it sets out the challenge of envisioning what might be an equivalent witness in our own day." — James D. Bratt, Professor of History, Calvin College

"Kuyper deserves a place beside Locke and Tocqueville as a titanic European intellect whose thought can help us understand the American experiment in religious liberty and constitutional democracy." — Greg Forster, Program Director, Faith, Work, and Economics, Kern Family Foundation

"Abraham Kuyper’s Our Program has been much quoted by those who share his convictions about the lordship of Christ over all times, places, things, people, and societies. It is, therefore, a real advantage to see a capably translated and helpfully introduced edition of the whole document appear in English. For those concerned about Kuyper’s own historical situation, as well as about contemporary social and political controversies, this edition should be a real boon." — Mark Noll, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History, University of Notre Dame