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Passing the Baton (Walker)

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The Bible makes clear that the nurture of the next generation of gospel preachers should take place within the local church, under the care of the pastors of the flock.

But what does this look like? What will it involve? What kind of investment is demanded? This short and practical book unpacks the responsibility and opportunity of the church and her pastors to invest in future preachers and teachers, passing on the baton to those being raised up to serve God.


“I am delighted to commend enthusiastically this fine and timely little work on pastoral ministry. Jeremy Walker understands pastoral ministry ‘from the inside’ and his counsels are practical, thoughtful, mined from wide reading, and above all biblical. The following quote immediately persuaded me that this was both a book to read and commend: “The best seminary training involves proven pastors and preachers (not simply scholars and theoreticians) passing on a theology that has been tested and depended on in the cut and thrust of church life, which has been proven in the crucible of ministerial labour.” I would like every seminary student and every would-be gospel minister to read and digest this vade mecum (a book to carry with you).”

Ian Hamilton: Lecturer and Board member, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“I wholeheartedly commend this little work for two reasons. First, the method proposed is thoroughly scriptural, therefore worthy of adoption if one desires the blessing of God in training men for the glory of God. Second, I know from my own experience that the author is a man who has sincerely sought to practice what he preaches in this little book. The principles laid out in this book are not the speculations of an academic, but realities that Jeremy has tried to implement in his own life and ministry. I am fortunate to be one among many who have been the beneficiary of this approach, and will seek to practice it myself.”

Tom Allen: Associate Professor, Cairn University

“Rooted in Scripture, discerning, realistic and comprehensive, Jeremy Walker’s urgent message needs to be considered and discussed by all pastors and church officers, as well as by all others who are concerned about where our future ministers will come from.”

Stuart Olyott: Pastoral Director, Evangelical Movement of Wales

“I have two significant concerns as I look at the way men are pursuing a call into the ministry. My first concern is a lack of pastors investing time and resources to raise men up within their churches. My second concern is a lack of churches seeing their biblical responsibility to raise men up for ministry service. This is why the book you hold in your hands is so timely and important. This one book, Passing the Baton, addresses both of these critical areas and gives insightful and practical counsel on how pastors and churches can effectively raise up and equip the next generation of pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. Jeremy Walker has been faithfully mentored by older men as well as diligent to mentor others himself. He is a qualified and needed voice on what has become a lost focus in the modern church. Walker's advice is sound, wise, and biblical. I commend both the author and this book.”

Brian Croft: Founder, Practical Shepherding