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Pentecost - Today? The Biblical Basis for Understanding Revival (Murray)

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"It is noteworthy that there are more books describing revivals than there are those that deal with their biblical basis. That may be because to read about revivals is more pleasant, and initially, perhaps, more inspiring, than understanding the struggle to establish a biblical theology which explains and justifies the phenomenon. But in the long run it has to be the latter which is more important. This book aims to supply that lack." — Iain Murray

Table of Contents: 

How Do We Understand 'Revival'?

A Caution over Terminology 

Pentecost, Once and For All 

Revival Conditional upon Obedience

Confusing Old and New Testaments

Revivals are Larger Measures of the Spirit of God 

Consequences of the Three Views 

A Vital Lesson 

Charles G. Finney: How Theology Affects Understanding of Revival

Life and Teaching 

Finney’s Case Examined 

Why the Old School Opposed Finney

Our Responsibility and God's Sovereignty 

Major Responsibilities – Conduct, Truth and Faith 

The Place of Prayer

Sovereignty and Revival


The Holy Spirit and Preaching

Special Eras of Preaching 

The Power of the Holy Spirit Makes the Truth Plain to Preacher and Hearer 

The Power of the Holy Spirit is Evident in the Experience which He Gives of the Love of God 


The Interpretation of Experience

The Bible First 

The Work of Christ 

Diversity of Teaching on ‘Christ Baptizing with the Spirit’

The Older Evangelical Teaching 

Practical Consequences of Wrong Views


Hindering Revival: Evangelical Fanaticism

The Dangers of Fanaticism 

Recognition of Fanaticism 

Consequences of Fanaticism 

Wales: 1904-5 


Six Things Revival Will Bring

Revival Restores Faith in the Word of God 

Revival Restores Definiteness to the Meaning of ‘Christian’

Revival Advances the Gospel with Amazing Swiftness 

Revival Always Has Moral Impact upon Communities 

Revival Changes Understanding of the Christian Ministry 

Revival Will Change the Public Worship of the Churches


1. Extraordinary Gifts 

2. Co-ordination of Grace and Duty

3. Presbyterian Doctrine on Regeneration, Inability and Free-Agency


Iain Hamish Murray, born in Lancashire, England, in 1931, was educated at Wallasey Grammar School and King William’s College in the Isle of Man (1945-49). From 1956 he was for three years assistant to Dr Lloyd-Jones at Westminster Chapel and there, with the late Jack Cullum, founded the Banner of Truth Trust in 1957. He left Westminster in 1961 for a nine-year pastorate at Grove Chapel, Camberwell. With the world-wide expansion of the Trust, Iain Murray became engaged full-time in its ministry from 1969 until 1981 when he responded to a call from St Giles Presbyterian Church, Sydney, Australia. Now based again in the UK, he and Jean live in Edinburgh.