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Peril and Peace - Volume 1: Chronicles of the Ancient Church (Withrow)

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This is the first volume in the History Lives series. 

Watch in amazement as a varied selection of people from different countries, cultures and times merge together to form the Christian church. Learn from their mistakes and errors but more importantly learn from their amazing strengths and gifts. This book shows the young and developing church struggling but growing in a hostile world. From the apostle Paul to Benedict, discover how those in the early church influence the church today.

Table of Contents:

Ancient Church Timeline

What was the Ancient Church?

Paul: A servant of the true God

Terrible Trials and Persecutions

Polycarp: Ground like wheat in the lion’s teeth

Justin: A flame was kindled in my soul

Worship in the Ancient Church

Origen: God planted in us the unspeakable longing to know

Cyprian: This body is my sacrifice

Constantine: With this you will conquer

Early Creeds and Councils

Athanasius: Do martyrs die for a mere man?

The Great Cappadocians: perhaps you have never met a bishop

Ambrose: A bishop cannot give up the temple of the Lord

Augustine: Our hearts are restless until they rest in you

John Chrysostom: Vanity of vanities

How Did We Get the Bible?

Jerome: Love the holy Scriptures, and wisdom will love you

Patrick: Come walk among us

Benedict: Renounce yourself and follow Christ

Other Early Christians

Author Information

Where We Get Our Information



"There is nothing new under the sun - that is definitely true with church history. Many of the same issues and problems face us today that faced the medieval church. So not only does this book give a good, fast-paced narrative through early christian history - it also highlights some of the mistakes and problems that have raised their heads again today." - Catherine MacKenzie, Author and CF4K Editor