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Plato (Talcott) Great Thinkers Series

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Plato (427–347 BC)

An excellent wielder of rational argument, the ancient Greek philosopher Plato dedicated his life to the pursuit and defense of truth, goodness, and justice. His insights not only left a lasting imprint on the world of philosophy but now illuminate the intellectual bankruptcy of contemporary thought.

Despite his paganism, Plato has often been an intellectual ally for Christians. David Talcott calls for a reengagement with Plato’s arguments about metaphysical reality, teleology, and virtue in order to strengthen our faith in the truthfulness of God’s Word and the Christian worldview. Through both what is praiseworthy and problematic in Plato, we can see the goodness of God’s salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.


David Talcott (PhD, Indiana University) is fellow of philosophy and the graduate dean at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho. He is a program manager for truthXchange and a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church of America.


“In effortless prose, David Talcott achieves what I would have thought impossible in such a thin volume: he gives readers a taste of the insights and delights Plato offers, while weaving in contemporary secondary literature, disagreements among specialists, and advice to Christians on how to appreciate and critique Plato’s ideas. A splendid work on one of the world’s most important philosophers. Very well done.” —James E. Bruce, Professor of Philosophy, John Brown University; Director, Center for Faith and Flourishing

The power of philosophy to show us the folly of relativism, hedonism, and living for self-serving power and indulgent passion is nowhere more intelligently and creatively articulated than in Plato, whose philosophy is succinctly presented in this overview by David Talcott. The author guides readers through the central topics in Plato’s important works and points out their relevance to contemporary Christian theology and practice.Gary Hartenburg, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Houston Christian University

David Talcott has given Christians an excellent introduction to Plato’s thought and significance. This bite-sized book is perfect for the average interested layperson at church or young person engaging with philosophy for the first time. Both appreciative and critical, Plato will help believers understand and evaluate the thought of one of history’s greatest philosophers.Steven Wedgeworth, Rector, Christ Church Anglican, South Bend, Indiana: a founder of the Davenant Institute; regular contributor to Desiring God and World Opinions