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Preaching with Biblical Passion (Grossi)

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"We are asking why, if the Word of God is life and power, are we seeing such evident weakness in the professing church? And we are suggesting a simple answer, because of the lack of discriminatory preaching of that Word, preaching like that of Peter at Pentecost. He spoke directly to the consciences of men. He named their sin, held out the threat of God's punishment, and would not be silent until they began to ask what they had to do. One reason why the gates of hell are not falling before the church is our lack of boldness in preaching. We are not discriminating between Christian and non-Christian: our terminology and application are too general. We are not wielding the sword of the Spirit but the baton of a conductor."  - Geoffrey Thomas

"Upon reading Mr. Grossi's manuscript, I must commend him for the evident research he has done. As a college and seminary professor who reads MA and Doctorate level theses, I was struck by the extensive bibliography that he has used. I am thankful for the many quotes from Scripture and otherwise, which demonstrated the research done. These numerous quotes add weight to what he is trying to say, especially by the fact that he quotes from the right extra biblical sources. The book is well written with good phrasing and use of illustrations. Mr. Grossi makes his points well with good applications. The material flows well and is coherent and progressive with one chapter building upon previous chapter." - Dr Wayne Mack, Co-pastor at Grace Fellowship Church, Lehigh Valley, PA

"Mr. Grossi's book is a timely call to return to biblical, Spirit-anointed preaching, akin to what the Puritans called "plain preaching." Such preaching does justice to the glory of God, the centrality of Christ, the saving ministry of the Holy Spirit, the depravity of man, and the invitations of the gospel! Tolle Lege! (Take up and read!)" - Dr. Joel R Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary