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Principles of Sacred Theology (Westminster Discount) (Kuyper)

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In his introduction to this work by his Dutch counterpart, American theologian B. B. Warfield praised Kuyper for " the depth of his insight; the breadth of his outlook; the thoroughness of his method; the comprehensiveness of his survey; the intensity of his conviction; the eloquence of his language; the directness of his style; the wealth of his illustrations; and the force, completeness, and winningness of his presentation.

Kuyper, like Warfield, was one of the leading Reformed theologians in the world during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, and this was his magnum opus. Principles of Sacred Theology remains one of the standard presentations, from the Reformed perspective, of the methodology, history, and distinctive principles of the science of theology.


Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920), after playing a key role in the founding of the Free University of Amsterdam, taught theology there. He was also active in ecclesiastical and civil politics, rising in 1901to the position of prime minister of the Netherlands. He had received his theological training at Leyden. Principles of Sacred Theology first appeared in 1898 as Encyclopedia of Sacred Theology: Its Principles.