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Reformation and Revival: The Story of the English Puritans (Brown)

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In 1558, the death of Bloody Mary and the accession of Elizabeth I to England’s throne offered new hope to thousands of exiled Protestants who returned to Britain en masse. Their aim — to see Christ’s Church purified. This book tells their story, chronicling the tragedies and triumphs that the Puritans experienced as they engaged the English Crown and the established Church on matters of faith and practice.

An excellent survey of the Puritan’s struggle for religious liberty and impact on Western culture, Reformation and Revival offers readers a window into the Puritan world that gave us the likes of Bunyan, Baxter, Owen, and Cromwell on Britain’s shores, as well as such leaders as Winthrop and the Mathers who established the great Puritan settlement in North America. We owe the Puritans a real debt, and their legacy has much to teach us about advancing the cause of Christ amidst difficulty.