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Refuting Evolution 2 (Sarfati)

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Respected CMI scientist Dr Jonathan Sarfati, author of the best-seller Refuting Evolution, has written a sequel that comprehensively refutes arguments to support evolution (as presented in TV documentaries and Scientific American). Read world-leading evolutionists in their own words, and then find straightforward answers from science and the Bible. Refuting Evolution 2 will prepare you to answer the best arguments thrown at you by peers, teachers, neighbors and skeptics.


Table of Contents:

Unit 1. Claim: Evolution is Science

Evolutionists insist that evolutionary theory is science, and claim that creationism is religion.

Chapter 1: Argument: Creationism is religion, not science

Chapter 2: Argument: Evolution is compatible with Christian religion

Chapter 3: Argument: Evolution is true science, not ‘just a theory’

Unit 2. Claim: Evolution is well supported by the evidence

Evolutionists claim that they have found abundant, observable evidence of evolution.

Chapter 4: Argument: Natural selection leads to speciation

Chapter 5: Argument: Some mutations are beneficial

Chapter 6: Argument: Common design points to common ancestry

Chapter 7: Argument: ‘Bad design’ is evidence of leftovers from evolution

Chapter 8: Argument: The fossil record supports evolution

Unit 3. Claim: ‘Problems’ with evolution are illusory

Evolutionists argue that there are reasonable theories for even the biggest ‘surprises’ of evolution.

Chapter 9: Argument: Probability of evolution

Chapter 10: Argument: ‘Irreducible complexity’

Chapter 11: Argument: Evolution of sex

Chapter 12: Argument: Evolution of mankind

Appendix 1: Common arguments for evolution that have been rejected

Appendix 2: Common arguments for creation that should not be used