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Revival Documentary - DVD + Streaming

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What is revival? Should we expect it today?

Join Jeremy Walker on a journey through church history, from Pentecost to the present day, exploring the dynamic and sovereign work of God in his people and in nations. Visit key places and periods such as England during the Reformation, America in 1734, Wales in the Evangelical Awakening, Northern Ireland in 1859, the Scottish Hebrides in 1949.

Expert contributors expound key lessons we can learn for today about the means and instruction the Lord provides in his Word for seeking him. God has done mighty acts in the past, and he can do so again.

Presented by Jeremy Walker. Featuring Geoff Thomas, Ian Hamilton, Joel Beeke, Sinclair Ferguson, Steven Lawson, Stuart Olyott and many more.

Orders include: 

-2-disc DVD set, containing the feature-length documentary, over 3 hours of bonus interviews, with a session by Iain Murray from the Revival Conference 2021.

-Unique Discount Code to access all bonus material and streaming at

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Bonus Material: 

  • Over 4 hours of bonus interviews:
  1. Revival in the Old Testament
  2. Revival in the New Testament
  3. The Reformation: Luther and Calvin
  4. The Puritans
  5. Thomas Boston
  6. The Welsh Calvinistic Methodists 
  7. The Second Great Awakening
  8. Charles Finney
  9. The Dundee Revival (1839)
  10. D. L. Moody and C. T. Studd
  11. The 1904 Revival in Wales
  12. 20th Century Revivals
  13. Billy Graham
  14. Personal experiences of revival
  15. Books on revival
  16. Revival and Revivalism
  17. Is God doing something new in revival?
  18. How do the world and the Devil respond to revival?
  19. Why has God often used young men in the history of revival?
  20. Suffering and revival
  21. How can ordinary Christians be ready to tell people about their Saviour?
  22. Synagogue Sermons
  23. Advice for pastors
  24. How do we avoid quenching the Spirit?
  25. The danger of living on the memory of past revivals
  26. Is it too dark today for revival?
  27. Praying for revival


  • 11 Sessions on revival from the Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary Conference 2021:
  1. Opening Sermon - Warren Peel
  2. Preaching and Revival: The Spirit and the Word - Jeremy Walker
  3. The Reformation as a Revival - Iain Murray
  4. Lessons on Revival - Iain Murray
  5. Robert Murray M'Cheyne: Preparing for Revival - Maurice Roberts
  6. Wales, 1904: Revival and its Fruit - Geoff Thomas
  7. Jonathan Edwards and the Awakening in Northampton - Ian Hamilton
  8. Revival: A People Saturated with God - Brian Edwards
  9. The Holy Spirit and Revival - Geoff Thomas
  10. The Valley of Dry Bones - Peter Naylor
  11. Longing for Revival - Maurice Roberts

“There are many conversations today about revival, but minimal historical context. ‘Revival: The Work of God’ sets revival within a biblical and historical framework that helps us determine what is and isn’t true revival. Rather than emotionally driven, revival is a supernatural work of God that awakens the church from slumber to vibrant biblical Christianity. This excellent documentary will answer your questions and drive you to your knees to pray, ‘God, send true revival.’”

Dustin Benge is a fellow of The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies, lecturer, and author of several books, including the most recent, “The Precious Blood.”