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Sam and the Stickey Situation (Hubbard)

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Sam has figured out a way to get what he wants when he wants it—he whines. In fact, it works so well that he’s started whining more and more to get his way. Not only does Sam’s mother give into his whining very quickly—he learned how to whine from her. But, Sam finds himself in quite the sticky situation when his whining leads him to being covered with cotton candy and stuck on the top of a Ferris wheel!

All parents want their children to whine less, but few notice that they might have a problem with whining too. Best-selling author Ginger Hubbard, along with Al Roland, help families think about whining with a silly story that will not only make them laugh, but will also encourage them to see how whining stems from a heart that wants things more than God. The parent resource page at the end of Sam and the Sticky Situation: A Book about Whining presents a biblical framework and practical suggestions to help children understand why they whine and how to learn a better way of expressing themselves. 

Children ages 4-7 will love the story with its bright, fun illustrations, and along the way will learn that there are better ways than whining to communicate.


Ginger Hubbard speaks at women’s events, parenting conferences, and homeschool conventions across the country, and cohosts the Parenting with Ginger Hubbard podcast. She is the bestselling author of Don’t Make Me Count to ThreeWise Words for Moms, and I Can’t Believe You Just Said That and the coauthor of the Teaching Children to Use Their Words Wisely series. Ginger and her husband have four adult children and live in Opelika, Alabama, where they enjoy working together from home.


“Children aren't the only ones who are tempted to whine. In Sam and the Sticky Situation, readers are reminded that whining affects those around us. While parents are responsible to set a good example, sometimes they fail. Through this story, parents can help their kids recognize the problems that come with whining, while at the same time equipping them to address those issues with biblical hope.”
Durenda Wilson, Author of The Four Hour School Day, The Unhurried Homeschooler, and Unhurried Grace for a Mom's Heart; host of The Durenda Wilson podcast

“There is nothing like a comical story to capture the attention of young children and serve as a vehicle to pass along important truths. Sam and the Sticky Situation is a fun, engaging story that delivers a powerful message—our whining reveals that we love something more than Jesus. I can’t wait to read Sam and the Sticky Situation to my grandkids and watch this fun story help them grow.”
Marty Machowski, Family Pastor; author of The Ology, Wonder Full, Don’t Blame the Mud, and other gospel-rich books and resources for church and home.

“How do you solve the problem of whining, both for parents and kids? Ginger Hubbard and Al Roland have found a creative and biblical way, through storytelling and Scripture, providing a helpful resource for families. As a pastor and a parent, I'm always looking for books that reinforce the themes we are trying to learn as a family and this one, Sam and the Sticky Situation is just the perfect solution. You'll want to add this to your family's library.”
Daniel Darling, Director of the Land Center for Faith and Culture, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; bestselling author of several books, including, The Characters of Christmas, A Way With Words and The Dignity Revolution 

“This short rhyming book teaches children that both adults and children sometimes whine. But the things we think will make us happy often don’t make us happy at all. Instead of whining for what we want, we should trust Jesus to provide what we need and protect us from temptation.”
Wendy Hilton and Trish Corlew, Owners of Hip Homeschool MomsOnly Passionate Curiosity, and Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers