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Scripture Biography for the Young, Vol. 2: The Story of Joseph (Gallaudet)

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These volumes are intended to take children and young people by the hand to lead them through the fascinating stories of the leading characters in the Old Testament Scriptures. Every chapter concludes with pointed and practical application to the hearts of the readers. The author is convinced that "the facts of the Bible should form a considerable part of a child's religious reading, instead of that mass of fictitious narrative which, at present, so greatly abounds." These are perfect for Family Devotions and would be appropriate to use with children from 5 years old to the late teens. We have read nothing like these volumes.

Author  Thomas H. Gallaudet (1787-1851) was the Apostle to the Deaf in the United States. He devoted his life to teach the underprivileged the truths of God's Word. He wrote dozens and dozens of books using simple, straightforward language for children, young people and adults.