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Select Writings of James Alexander Haldane

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Robert and James Haldane, descendants of Scottish nobility, chose to use both their wealth and their influence to extend the Gospel of Christ in a variety of ways, both in their antive country and abroad.

Though not as well-known as his brother Robert (author of a much-used commentary on the Epistle to the Romans and instrument of revival in Switzerland), James is shown by these discourses to have been an able exegete, a warm preacher, a concerned pastor, and a vibrant evangelist.

Open these writings to any page, and you will find helpful insights, practical instruction, and warm, experimental theology. These materials were first delivered a century and half ago, yet they still speak to us today. May God use them in your life for your growth and His glory. - Pastor Matthew Burt 


Table of Contents: 

The Life of Catherine Haldane

The Pharisee and the Publican (First Discourse)

The Pharisee and the Publican (Second Discourse)

The Ministry of John the Baptist 

The Importance of Hearing the Voice of God

The Crown of Righteousness

The Green Tree and the Dry

The Doctrine and the Duty of Self-Examination

On the Faith of the Gospel



James Alexander Haldane (1768-1851) entered Edinburgh University in 1781. Four years later he embarked upon a series of sea ventures, ultimately becoming the captain of a ship. After abandoning the seafaring life and returning to Scotland during 1794, he experienced a heart-searching conversion. James was ordained to the ministry just before the turn of the century, and his brother Robert built him a tabernacle in Leith Walk which seated three thousand persons. There he served faithfully for fifty years until his death. His preaching and writing had a great influence on the souls of men during his own lifetime, and they still do today. It has been said of him that none other since Whitefield has been used of God in the conversion of so many sinners.