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Singing the Songs of Jesus: Revisiting The Psalms (Lefebvre)

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The Psalms were composed for singing. In Old and New Testament times, and throughout Church history, congregations sung Psalms. Despite renewed interest in Psalmody, few books explain how the Psalms function as hymns for Christ-centred worship. Singing the Songs of Jesus fills that gap without shying away from difficulties, like the doubts and curses of the Psalms. This study shows why the Psalms are suited for Christian praise and how to use them for powerful and relevant worship.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Priesthood of Christ
  2. The Psalms: Book or Hymnal – and Does it Matter?
  3. The Power of Psalmody: Two Specialties of the Biblical Psalms
  4. Singing with Jesus (part 1): Recognizing Christ in ‘Praising Conversations’
  5. Singing with Jesus (part 2): Christ in the Psalms of repentance and Davidic events
  6. Confusion and Glory (part 1): Using the Psalms as They’re Meant to Be Used
  7. Confusion and Glory (part 2): Cursing in Faith with the Psalms of Imprecation
  8. As Confusion Gives Way to Glory: Letting the Psalms Carry us to Praise
  9. Epilogue - Winning the Worship Wars: Modern Reformation through Recovering Psalmody 



Michael LeFebvre is pastor of Christ Church Reformed Presbyterian Church in the western suburbs of Indianapolis. He previously studied Old Testament Law at PHD Level at Aberdeen University. He is married to Heather and they have four children.



"In this volume Michael LeFebvre enriches the church with wisdom regarding the vital role that singing the Psalms has in the worship of the church and the life of the believer. Michael avoids the hard edged heated opinions which often cloud this subject and instead casts refreshing pastoral light on a much neglected topic. All readers of this volume will be edified, educated and blessed!"- Anthony T. Selvaggio ~ preacher, author and Visiting professor of Biblical Studies at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"In this short book of 160 pages, we have a good summary of the theology (purpose) of the Psalms. The author provides clear principles for interpreting the Psalms in a Christ-centred way and shows us how we can develop a precious intimacy with the King through ongoing usage of the Psalms. Using them in public worship is a God-given way of exalting King Jesus as we see him fulfil his role as Leader of the praise of God's people." - Malcolm MacLean, Minister, Greyfriars Free Church of Scotland, Inverness, Scotland