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Six-Day Creation (Gurney)

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Ever since long-age geology and the theory of evolution became established in the nineteenth century, Christians have been divided over how to respond to the secular view of origins. Among evangelicals there are two main positions. One is to accept the secular view in whole or in part, and to reinterpret the Bible to harmonize it with that view. The other is to reject the secular view, believing it to be incompatible with the Bible and contrary to the evidence. Are both these positions equally valid, or is one right and the other wrong? And does it really matter? This booklet examines some of the biblical, scientific and historical issues, and helps the reader to understand the debate and to make an informed choice.



Robert Gurney was born in Burma of missionary parents. After qualifying in medicine at Bristol University, he worked in a hospital in Nazareth, Israel, as a medical missionary in Tanzania and Kenya, and as a general practitioner in Devon before his retirement. He is the author of a book and a number of articles in theological journals on the subject of Daniel’s prophecies. He has been interested in creation and evolution since his schooldays, and this booklet has been written after many years of searching for the truth concerning this issue.



"Dr Robert Gurney provides a succinct and important argument in favour of a literal reading of Genesis 1-11. This book includes scientific and theological discussions, but majors on how the biblical account of creation should be interpreted. Gurney argues for a grammatical-historical hermeneutic, which recognizes metaphor and poetry etc., but at the same time accepts the literal nature of the account. As a former medical missionary, Gurney argues that a correct understanding of biblical origins is essential for effective evangelism and for upholding Christian values." — Andrew M. Sibley BSc (Hon), MSc EDM (Open), FRMetS. Council member of the Creation Science Movement and author of Restoring the Ethics of Creation

"Dr Gurney writes out of personal experience of having tried to accommodate his understanding of the Bible to modern science’s creation myth. Having eventually seen the futility of this, he embraced the historicity of the Genesis account and discovered a whole new way of looking at things that just made sense. Like a reformed smoker, he is passionate about countering the destructive effects of the accommodation he attempted. But it is a reasoned passion and the reader of this short treatment will be encouraged and challenged. The author has provided a valuable introduction to the matters of greatest importance in this crucial debate, upon which, I believe, hinges the very survival of a Christian witness in many once-Christian nations. Heartily recommended!" — Don Batten B.Sc.Agr.(Hons 1), Ph.D., senior writer, researcher and lecturer, Creation Ministries International (Australia), Brisbane, Australia

"Here is a book I can commend to the Christian and non-Christian alike. It is an excellent introduction to the creation/evolution debate and shows that this question is about authority—the authority of the Bible versus the authority of the scientist and his evolutionary interpretations of origins. Sub-titled Does it matter? the author shows that it does matter what you believe about origins. Get it wrong and you end up with a Society that does not believe in God and where there is breakdown of family life, sexual immorality, and a lack of respect for the sanctity of human life. Recognize this description of Western Society? It is my hope that people who read this book will realize the importance of the creation debate and will recognize that what we are reaping in our society is the result of uncritically accepting evolution as the explanation of why we are here." — A J Monty White BSc, PhD [Wales], CChem, MRSC, Chief Executive, Answers in Genesis (UK/Europe)

"The author has written clearly and in a challenging style. He recognizes that within the compass of this short work there is much more to be said. Therefore, he has added a short bibliography to allow readers to take the subject further. Although this book is for readers of all ages, it will be of special benefit to young people who are facing up to indoctrination in evolutionary theory." — Precious Seed Magazine