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Sketches of Faith: An Introduction to Characters From Christian History (Woodbridge)

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A simple introduction to Christian history, for those who are interested in refreshing their knowledge or reading about Christians they are broadly aware of, but may not be overly familiar with.  33 Keys Christians are featured, each with a timeline of their life, their background, and their place in Christian history.

God does amazing things through the lives of people who are dedicated to Him. Sketches of Faith tells the true stories of Christians whose lives have been used by God to ignite change and hope throughout the world. Some may be familiar; others less so. Yet each are a testament to the reign and power of Christ’s kingdom.

Like all of us, these Christians are not perfect, but they have one thing in common: Jesus powerfully transformed them and used them to play a significant part in His church.


  1. Paul the Apostle
  2. John Wycliffe
  3. Martin Luther
  4. William Tyndale
  5. John Calvin
  6. John Knox
  7. John Bunyan
  8. Jonathan Edwards
  9. John & Charles Wesley
  10. George Whitfield
  11. William Wilberforce
  12. William Carey
  13. Adoniram Judson
  14. David Livingston
  15. Frederick W. Baedeker
  16. William Booth
  17. Hudson Taylor
  18. C.H.Spurgeon
  19. D.L Moody
  20. James Hannington
  21. Mary Slessor
  22. C.T Studd
  23. Corrie Ten Boom
  24. Martin Niemoller
  25. Cameron Townsend
  26. C.S.Lewis
  27. Dr Martin Lloyd-Jones
  28. John Sung
  29. Eric Liddell
  30. Dr Helen Roseveare
  31. J.I. Packer
  32. Jim Elliot
  33. Chuck Colson