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Spurgeon Ministry Bundle

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Spurgeon and the Poor (DiPrima)


In the past century, one question has constantly plagued the church: How should the people of God respond to social issues? Rather than buying in to the “social gospel,” Alex DiPrima looks back to an unexpected source for biblical clarity: Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Part theology and part biography, Spurgeon and the Poor examines how the Prince of Preachers’ belief that gospel preaching and soul-winning should be the church’s primary mission informed his commendable benevolence and mercy ministry.


Part 1: Spurgeon’s Teaching

  1. The Prince of Preachers
  2. The Grace Effect
  3. Followers of Christ, Lovers of Men
  4. Gospel Proclamation and Social Ministry
  5. A City on a Hill
  6. Political Preaching

Part 2: Spurgeon’s Practice

  1. The Priority of Soul-Winning
  2. The Pastor’s College
  3. A Benevolent Ministry
  4. The Metropolitan Tabernacle
  5. The Good Samaritan in London
  6. Social and Political Activism


Appendix: Spurgeon and Social Ministry in Historical Perspective


What Can Charles Spurgeon Teach Us About Mercy Ministry?


“DiPrima’s work is a timely reminder that for the church, there should be no artificial separation between the proclamation of the gospel and Christlike works of mercy.”

—Thomas Kidd, research professor of church history, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“This well-researched book brings to light an oft-neglected aspect of C. H. Spurgeon’s life and work. A welcome addition to Spurgeon studies.”

—Timothy George, distinguished professor at Beeson Divinity School of Samford University

“In an age of fierce and ongoing debate in Christian circles about the relationship between the gospel and mercy ministry, this book helps us to see how Spurgeon cut across the divide and lived a life fully devoted to the gospel of Christ, with a heart fully devoted to relieving the suffering of, quite literally, thousands of lost and needy souls. Truly inspirational.”

—Mez McConnell, founder and director of 20schemes

“Read this book and see how the gospel Spurgeon preached fired his heart with loving zeal for the poor and needy in his own day.”

—Conrad Mbewe, founding chancellor of the African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia

“As Christians and church leaders navigate the challenges of our day, this book provides us with a mentor who will help us both guard the gospel and live out its implications.”

—Geoff Chang, curator of the Spurgeon Library, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

About the Author

Alex DiPrima is senior pastor of Emmanuel Church in Winston Salem, NC. He holds a PhD from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in historical theology with a focus on the ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. He has published several articles with 9Marks ministries, the Spurgeon Center, and Southeastern Seminary.


Servants of Christ, Lovers of Men: Spurgeon on Pastoral Ministry (DiPrima)


In the mid-to-late nineteenth century, Charles Spurgeon mentored and trained hundreds of men for ministry through his famous Pastors’ College. Servants of Christ, Lovers of Men brings together some of Spurgeon’s very best material on pastoral ministry, drawn from his classic works Lectures to My Students and An All-Round Ministry. His timeless wisdom and veteran counsel have served thousands of ministers of the gospel for 150 years. With original introductions to each address, along with illuminating footnotes throughout, this work presents Spurgeon at his very best to a new generation of pastors and aspiring ministers.


The Pastor’s Pastor

  1. The Minister’s Self-Watch
  2. The Call to the Ministry
  3. The Preacher’s Private Prayer
  4. Sermons—Their Matter
  5. The Minister’s Fainting Fits
  6. The Minister’s Ordinary Conversation
  7. Earnestness
  8. The Blind Eye and the Deaf Ear
  9. Forward!
  10. A New Departure

Scripture Index


“I can think of no better mentor from church history for pastors today than Charles Haddon Spurgeon. In his high view of ministry, love for God’s Word, commitment to the church, and countless other areas, he is a model of zeal, faithfulness, and perseverance. In this book, Alex has collected some of Spurgeon’s best teaching on pastoral ministry. Put it to work and introduce the next generation of pastors to a mentor they can learn from for the rest of their lives.”

Geoff Chang
Assistant Professor of Historical Theology, and Curator of the Spurgeon Library, MBTS; Author, Spurgeon, the Pastor: Recovering a Biblical and Theological Vision for Ministry.

“Pastor and Spurgeon scholar Alex DiPrima has served pastors and seminary professors, by putting together ten choice lectures by Charles Haddon Spurgeon from his classic works, Lectures to My Students and An All Around Ministry. The new formatting, helpful footnotes, and introduction to each lecture, gives pastors, professors, and mentors a tool to train the next generation for faithful gospel ministry. DiPrima’s introduction to the book will inspire pastors seeking to mentor men for ministry. I’ll be recommending Servants of Christ, Lovers of Men as a go-to book for pastoral training.”

Phil Newton
Director of Pastoral Care & Mentoring, Pillar Network; Visiting Professor of Pastoral Theology, SWBTS; Author, 40 Questions about Pastoral Ministry and Shepherding the Pastor.

“A ring’s setting does not enhance the beauty of a diamond. Rather, it ensures its beauty is visible. Servants of Christ, Lovers of Men does the same with selected works from Charles Spurgeon. This fresh look at some of the Prince of Preacher’s most helpful pastoral training materials will bless generation to come.”

Garrett Kell
Pastor of Del Ray Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA;

Author, Pure in Heart: Sexual Sin and the Promises of God

“DiPrima mines gold from the Spurgeon treasury and packages it uniquely in Servants of Christ, Lovers of Men. This book is unique because of its brilliant preface, “The Pastor’s Pastor,” the contextual essays leading each chapter, and numerous citations of sources that Spurgeon marshalled, many from the 19th century. The result? You will feel like you are beside Spurgeon in his study as he prepares these addresses and seated before him in his classroom as he delivers them. Excellent!”

Ray Rhodes
Pastor of Grace Community Church in Dawsonville, GA; Author, Susie: The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon and Yours, Till Heaven: The Untold Love Story of Charles and Susie Spurgeon

“With a judicious selection of Charles Spurgeon’s counsels to his fellow-pastors and preachers, thoughtfully introduced, Alex DiPrima brings the wisdom and experience of that gifted minister within our reach. For those unaware of Spurgeon’s output in this sphere, or daunted by its size and weight, this collection serves either as a taster or a refresher, offering to modern ministers the most widely-applicable and enduringly-relevant of Spurgeon’s pastoral guidance. Reading these lectures will not bestow upon you Spurgeon’s gifts, but should stir the same graces which he received and enjoyed, and help make your heart happy and your labour lively.”

Jeremy Walker
Pastor, Maidenbower Baptist Church, Crawley;

Host, From the Heart of Spurgeon podcast.