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Strong and Courageous: Following Jesus Amid the Rise of America's New Religion (Ascol & Longshore)

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Founders Ministries

“The authors explore the tension between obeying God rather than men while being subject to the governing authorities. They induce thinking about how the Christian should honor the governing officials that God has given us while we take seriously the task of pressing and educating them to see that they are finally responsible to God and his law. This book might not warm the heart, but it will press the mind to engage in some real heart work, attaining a life characterized by truth-informed courage.” - Tom Nettles


Table of Contents

Preface: by Mark Coppenger

Introduction: Secular America and the Need for a Deeper Reformation

Part 1: In the Defense

Reject False Hope: The Lie of the New Religion

Defy Tyrants: The Leadership of the New Religion

Resist Anarchy: The Spirit of the New Religion

Part 2: On the Offense

Take Responsibility: The Antidote to Lawless Riots and Racial Confusion

Rule Well: The Way to Justice in Civil Relationships

Embrace the Freedom of Slavery: The Joy of Slavery to Christ

Face the Danger: The Courage to Go to a Rebel World

Part 3: Following Jesus in All Spheres

Raise Your Children: Educating the Next Generation

Go to Church: Assembling to Worship According to God’s Word

Teach Kings: Exhorting Civil Authorities to Kiss the Son

Conclusion: Be Strong and Courageous: Following Jesus with Joy

Appendix 1: God’s Word in Godless Times

Appendix 2: Pagan America Dressed in Christianity