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Teaching Psalms: Volume 2: From Text to Message (Ash)

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The Psalms can be sung, spoken or read – but they were written to be prayed. Until we pray them from the heart we miss their purpose. The two volumes of Teaching Psalms aim to get the reader’s heart engaging with this beautiful book of the Bible. If you love, or want to love, or think perhaps you ought to love the Psalms, these volumes are for you.

Volume 1 acts as a handbook:

–          How to pray the Psalms

–          How to teach the Psalms

–          The difficulties we face in the Psalms

–          Integrating the Psalms into the Bible story

Volume 2 picks up on the groundwork laid and begins with an overview of the structure of the Psalter. It then goes through the book of Psalms, giving an introduction to each one. It does not seek to compete with a commentary in that it does not approach each verse individually; however it offers what few commentaries attempt – a careful look at the message behind the book as a whole.



Christopher Ash is Writer–in–Residence at Tyndale House and Ministry Trainer at St. Andrew the Great church in Cambridge. From 2004 to 2015 he was Director of the Proclamation Trust Cornhill Training Course. He splits his time between preaching, speaking and writing, and has written several books, including ‘Bible Delight: Psalm 119 for the Bible teacher and Bible hearer’ and ‘Teaching Psalms Vol. 1’.



The book of Psalms is a unique book of praise because God is its author. It encompasses the entire sweep of redemptive history, albeit from the standpoint of anticipating its fulfilment. It embraces almost every conceivable circumstance of life with songs that not only speak to us, but for us. But what should guide us in our efforts to understand and teach them? As with other books of the Bible, there are many valid ‘keys’ that help us; but one is vital: Christ. Christopher Ash, in keeping with a respected line of Bible teachers through the ages, shows how to use this key. He shows Christ to be the Singer of the Psalms and the One in whom we make them our very own.

Mark Johnston, Minister, Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cardiff, Wales


Christopher Ash is one of my favourite interpreters of the Old Testament, and this new volume in his series on the psalms only deepens my appreciation for him. Ash carefully but convincingly positions Jesus Christ at the centre of the psalms as their main (but not only) subject, showing how each ancient psalm witnesses forward to the sufferings and vindication of that greater Davidic King, and how modern Christ–followers can pray them as we live under his reign.

Eric Ortlund, Professor of Old Testament Studies and Biblical Hebrew, Oak Hill College, London