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The Alluring Brightness of His Glory (Coursey)

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Westbow Press

The real problem of the hour is not that we view our problems as insurmountable, nor that we fail to view our God as insuperable in the midst of all these problems, but primarily that we fail to count our God as inestimable, even above our need to solve all of these problems. It is the failure to perceive the supreme glory of Christ that moves the church to promote counterfeit offers that compete with His glory, and moves men to receive a counterfeit Christ, whose highest value consists not of His own excellency, but of His willingness to bestow upon us that which our earthly, carnal and temporal nature counts most excellent. This magnetic pull of the world upon our affections will only cease by a God-ward attraction. It is in the face of Jesus Christ that the brightness of the glory of God shines forth. He alone is the brightness of His glory. And unless we exalt Him to preeminence, we know nothing of that glory.


The extensive teaching ministry of R. L. Coursey has taken him throughout the continental US and into 19 countries. Besides speaking at various pastors, missions and leadership conferences, he has preached in churches from over 20 different denominations. His unique experience of serving on the faculty of several seminaries, including Methodist, Reformed and Pentecostal, has given him an invaluable insight into the length and breadth of the body of Christ that was necessary to write a book directed exclusively to the church. He now resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with his wife of 28 years, Claudia.