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The Christian Remembrancer (Serle)

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Ambrose Searle (1742-1812) was a member of the Church of England, and a lifelong friend of William Romaine. In his secular calling he was a senior civil servant and diplomat. He was described by Augustus Toplady as “one of the most learned, most devout, and most valuable men I know”, and was one of those rare laymen endued by the Holy Spirit with “the pen of a ready writer” and grace in his heart. Possibly his best known work is Horae Solitariae, being essays on the names given to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.
The Christian Remembrancer consists of eighty-seven brief meditations on matters pertaining to the soul experience and daily life of the Lord’s people, under three headings: The Word and Work of God in Man’s Redemption by Jesus Christ, The Inward and Practical Experience of Redemption in the Heart of the Believer, and The Believer’s Outward Conversation and  Conduct with Others.