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The Christian's High Calling (Roberts)

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A reviewer described Maurice Roberts’ earlier book The Thought of God as ‘a contemporary work with the depth of the classics which speaks across denominational and cultural lines’. His new book has the same classic quality and universal Christian appeal. The theme is the Christian life as a high and glorious calling, with present enjoyment, duties and conflicts, leading to the unutterable glory and holiness of the world to come.

Readers will glimpse afresh the beauty and majesty of God and the priceless privilege of being called to an unending fellowship with him.


Table of Contents: 

I. The Nature of the Christian Life 

1. ‘Where No Vision Is…’

2. Two Steps to Happiness 

3. Evangelical Compassion 

4. A Well Balanced Christianity 

5. God’s Thoughts – Far Different from Man’s 

6. Why Spirituality Comes First 

7. The Romance of Christian Faith

8. First Learned – Worst Learned? 

9. What Is a Christian? 

II. The Struggle of Faith 

10. The Vulnerability of True Religion 

11. The Danger of Becoming Battle Wary 

12. Dealing with Our Deadness 

13. The Remembrance of Old Sins 

14. The Christian’s Semi-Perfect State 

15. The Christian and His Fears 

16. A Psalm from the Cave: Psalm 142 

17. Why Is There No Wrestling? 

18. Watch and Pray

III. The Christian’s Enjoyment of Grace and Glory 

19. Christ’s Many-Sided Love 

20. Feeling Christ’s Love Afresh 

21. The Taste of Grace 

22. Christians Will Never Be Orphans 

23. Our State of Probation 

24. The End of Time 

25. Soon to See Jesus 

26. The Christian’s Posthumous Joy 

IV. Faithfulness in the Modern Church 

27. Cleansing the Lord’s House 

28. Christ’s Unshepherded Sheep 

29. Man Grasping to Be Superman 

30. Love of Truth and Its Opposite 

31. More Than a Dream   



Maurice Roberts is an author, international conference speaker, and emeritus minister in the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) denomination.