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The Crescent and the Cross: The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad (Rogland)

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Grace and Truth

Sinbad’s first seven voyages are famous, but his eighth voyage was the most amazing of all. This book will captivate young readers as they read how Sinbad and his young African friend, Selassie, encounter one danger after another. In this exciting book, Sinbad the Sailor sets out on his greatest voyage, a sojourn filled with perilous adventures and many trials, finally finding the most wonderful treasure of all. 

Islam is challenging the gospel worldwide today, even in America. Christian young people need to see how the gospel meets the true spiritual needs of boys and girls and how Islam does not.  The Crescent and the Cross: The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad combines high adventure with a clear witness to the gospel in a way that grips young readers and keeps them reading avidly to the very end. 


Robert Rogland lives with his wife, Sharon, in West Columbia, SC. He is also the author of Pinocchio’s Quest, a book of Christian children’s fiction widely used by homeschoolers.


“I didn’t want Daddy to stop reading, and I wished it wasn’t over at the end,” so said my nine-year-old daughter about Robert Rogland’s newest book. Buy this book and read it, and you will see why. You are about to embark on an unforgettable adventure on the high seas (and beneath them—step aside, Jules Verne) that children of every age (this one is fifty-six) will love. I doubt there’s a more clear, winsome, and compassionate way for our children to learn about the great differences between Christ and Muhammad, Christianity and Islam, truth and error, and all embedded in a romping good yarn.” —Douglas Bond, author of Duncan’s War and many other books for children and adults