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The Doctrine of Human Depravity (Pink)

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The Doctrine of Human Depravity "is likely to meet with a decidedly mixed reception. Some of our readers will probably be very disappointed when they see the title, deeming the subject quite unattractive...Medicine is proverbially unpleasant, but there are times when all of us find it necessary and beneficial...Surely that which most glorifies God is to declare all His counsel, to insist on that which puts man in his proper place before Him, and to emphasize those portions and aspects of the truth which our generation is most in need of.

As we shall endeavor to show, our theme is one of immense doctrinal importance and of great practical value, since it is a subject which occupies so prominent a place in God's Word. It is our deep conviction that the vital question most requiring to be raised today is this: Is man a totally and thoroughly depraved creature by nature?...According as is our answer to that answer, so will be our views on many others...Any attempt to modify or abate, repudiate or tone down the teaching of Scripture thereon is fatal." - A. W. Pink, from the Introduction


Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Its Origin
  3. Its Imputation
  4. Its Consequences
  5. Its Transmission
  6. Its Nature
  7. Its Enormity
  8. Its Extent
  9. Its Ramifications
  10. Its Evidences
  11. Its Corollaries
  12. Its Remedy
  13. Conclusion



A.W. Pink (1886-1952) served as a pastor for churches in Colorado, California, Kentucky, and South Carolina. His ministry brought him throughout the United States, Australia, and Great Britain.