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The Family at Home (Abbott)

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This priceless volume completes the trilogy by the Abbott's on the Christian Home. Gorham Abbott (1807-1874) was the younger brother of John Abbott who wrote the other two titles, "The Mother at Home" and "The Child at Home."

The Family at Home contains 68 practical chapters covering everything from courtship and marriage to showing respect for the aged. These 68 chapters are brief but filled with wise and godly advice for the entire family.

Table of Contents:

Chapter I — My Family and Friend
Chapter II — The Sutton Family
Chapter III — Deference to Parents
Chapter IV — Speculation and Suretiship
Chapter V — Self-Conceit
Chapter VI — Punctuality
Chapter VII — Procrastination
Chapter VIII — Decision of Character
Chapter IX — Mutual Forbearance
Chapter X — Maxims on Waste
Chapter XI — Female Dress
Chapter XII — Sobriety and Moderation
Chapter XIII — Nursing the Sick
Chapter XIV — Health and Sickness
Chapter XV — Accidents
Chapter XVI — Looking for Things in Wrong Places
Chapter XVII — Good Thoughts in the Midst of Business
Chapter XVIII — Where There’s a Will There’s a Way  
Chapter XIX — Correcting Mistakes
Chapter XX — Conquest of Evil Tempers
Chapter XXI — Ill-gotten Goods
Chapter XXII — Removals - Reasons Against it
Chapter XXIII — Providence — Maxims
Chapter XXIV — Peace and Forgiveness
Chapter XXV — Kindness Among Neighbors
Chapter XXVI — Self-Denial — to be Cultivated
Chapter XXVII — Usefulness — How to be Useful
Chapter XXVIII — Courtship and Marriage
Chapter XXIX — Care of Children
Chapter XXX — Family Prayer — Duty and Benefits 
Chapter XXXI — Observance of the Sabbath 
Chapter XXXII — Advice to Young Tradesmen
Chapter XXXIII — Helping One Another
Chapter XXXIV — Changing Places
Chapter XXXV — Superstition
Chapter XXXVI — Housekeeper’s Chapter of Sundries
Chapter XXXVII — Reverence to the Aged
Chapter XXXVIII — Jesting, Foolish Sports etc.
Chapter XXXIX — Christian Patriotism
Chapter XL — Good and Ill Reports
Chapter XLI — Companions and Secrets
Chapter XLII — The Government of the Tongue
Chapter XLIII — Reading — Advantages and Dangers
Chapter XLIV — Common Sense — Its Value
Chapter XLV — Politeness — A Christian Virtue
Chapter XLVI — Help and Pity
Chapter XLVII — Maxims Against Sin
Chapter XLVIII — Conscience — A Blessing and Power
Chapter XLIX — Maxims on Self-examination
Chapter L — Sayings on Repentance
Chapter LI — The Awful State of a Wicked Man
Chapter LII — Sickness, Recovery, Death
Chapter LIII — True Riches — Sayings Worth Remembering
Chapter LIV — Crosses and Afflictions
Chapter LV — The Widow and the Fatherless
Chapter LVI — Christian Contentment and Cheerfulness
Chapter LVII — Hints for Young Persons
Chapter LVIII — Rules for Daily Conduct
Chapter LIX — Brothers and Sisters
Chapter LX — Decision in Religion
Chapter LXI — Consistency with Religious Profession
Chapter LXII — Advice for Children
Chapter LXIII — Remarks on Religious Education
Chapter LXIV — Rich and Poor
Chapter LXV — My Own Way
Chapter LXVI — Only for Once
Chapter LXVII — Instability of Religion


Gorham Abbott was the son of Jacob Abbott, and younger brother of John S.C. Abbott. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1826, and studied theology at Andover Seminary form the class of 1831.