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The God Who Is (Fellows)

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Author  Timothy D. Fellows (1945-2003), pastor of Pilgrims Bible Church of Augusta, Georgia, for thirty-five years, was also a professor at the American Baptist Theological Seminary for over twenty-five years. He was editor-in-chief of the Angelus, a publication that was sent to over 2200 churches nationwide and to over thirty countries, for thirty years.

Endorsements  "This is a splendid book, honoring to God, full of God, full of love for God and the revelation He has given to us in creation and redemption. It reads as coming from the heart of a pastor, an evangelist and champion of historic Christianity. Its author was an utterly fearless man. He spent his days in spreading God's Word by teaching pastors, writing letters and articles, giving out tracts, and preaching each Sunday. For this cause he was called, and for this cause he gave his life, having put his hand to the plough and never looking back. In its pages he occasionally and briefly might make an appearance writing of conversations and debates he has had during his too brief a pilgrimage, sharing the answers he gave to questioners. These windows help make the book even more readable. It will do much good. It is a study of the attributes of God that preachers who take up this theme will use with thanks. It covers more ground, but it is a true page-turner, a gift to us from a man of God and a lifetime of single-minded endeavor to glorify and enjoy the living God." - Geoff Thomas

"Timothy Fellow's The God Who Is gives us a straight-shooting, Scripture-rich declaration of the doctrine of God. While occasionally lacking in theological precision, the directness and simplicity of this book will make it helpful for the ordinary reader who wants to know God personally. The God Who Is echoes with the voice of a bold and loving preacher who calls all people to bow before the Lord. Here is fuel for the fear of God to burn bright and hot in our hearts." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids