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The Good Confession: An Exploration of the Christian Faith (Hyde)

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Today, too many Christians are followers of novelty, religious fads, and strange new doctrines unheard of in the history of the church. On the contrary, to be a Christian is to join the great "cloud of witnesses" (Heb 12:1) through the ages, confessing with the Body of Christ the "faith that was once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3). This is what Paul called the "good confession" (1 Tim 6:12). This workbook will lead you in a study of what it means to be a Christian from the vantage point of the Bible, the ancient Christian creeds, and the Protestant confessions of the sixteenth century.

Table of Contents

  1. A ‘Confessional’ Church
  2. The Attributes of God
  3. Knowing God in His Word
  4. The Holy Trinity
  5. Creation and Providence
  6. The Creation and Fall of Humanity
  7. Election
  8. The Covenant of Grace
  9. Jesus Christ
  10. The Death of Christ
  11. Justification
  12. Sanctification
  13. Preservation/ Perseverance
  14. The Church, Part 1
  15. The Church, Part 2
  16. The Sacraments
  17. The Return of Christ and Heaven
  18. Understanding and Enjoying Worship 


"Rev. Hyde has done us a service by covering the standards of the Reformed churches and applying them to prospective church members. As any church planter knows, the issue of church membership is a difficult one in our day. Churches either do not have formal membership or people are accepted too quickly into membership without sufficient exposure to what the church believes or how the church functions. This book addresses and remedies this situation."  -- Rev. Paul T. Murphy, Messiah's Reformed Fellowship, Ground Zero, NYC

"Rev. Hyde's book is a welcomed resource. I have found in my own experience that Reformed churches are not clear about what is required for members to believe. 'The Good Confession' helps Reformed churches to alleviate this problem by making the Gospel clear and communicating what Christ requires of his people in joining his church." -- Rev. Tom Morrison, High Desert United Reformed Church, Apple Valley, CA

"Reformed pastors are always looking for a good curriculum to use with new Christians and inquirers that is solidly Reformed, yet which does not major on the minors. 'The Good Confession' is a well-balanced book that will help us instruct all those inquiring about our doctrine." -- Dr. Kim Riddlebarger, Christ Reformed Church, Anaheim, CA


Daniel R. Hyde (Th.M., Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary) is the Pastor of the Oceanside United Reformed Church in Oceanside, California.