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The Happy Christian: Ten Ways To Be A Joyful Believer In A Gloomy World (Murray)

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Thomas Nelson

A unique combination of biblical teaching, scientific research, and personal biography shows those who follow Jesus how to live joyful, purposeful lives.

Hopelessness has invaded much of our culture, even reaching deep into the church. But while the world is awash in negativity, Christians have resources to live differently.

In The Happy Christian, professor and pastor David Murray blends the best of modern science and psychology with the timeless truths of Scripture to create a solid, credible guide to positivity. The author of the acclaimed Christians Get Depressed Too, Murray exposes modern negativity’s insidious roots and presents ten perspective-changing ways to remain optimistic in a world that keeps trying to drag us down. 

The Happy Christian invites readers to shed negativity and become countercultural missionaries by demonstrating the positive power of the gospel in their lives.

Table of Contents:

  1. Happy Facts: Facts > Feelings = Positive+
  2. Happy Media: Good News > Bad News = Positive+
  3. Happy Salvation: Done > Do = Positive+
  4. Happy Church: Christ > Christians = Positive+
  5. Happy Future: Future > Past = Positive+
  6. Happy World: Everywhere Grace > Everywhere Sin = Positive+
  7. Happy Praise: Praise > Criticism = Positive+
  8. Happy Giving: Giving > Getting = Positive+
  9. Happy Work: Work > Play = Positive+
  10. Happy Differences: Diversity > Uniformity = Positive+

Conclusion: Grand Total = Positive Faith = The Happy Christian



David Murray is a professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and pastor of the Free Reformed Church in Grand Rapids. He was ordained to the ministry in 1995 and pastored two churches in Scotland for twelve years. Murray is the author of Jesus on Every Page,Christians Get Depressed Too, and How Sermons Work. He regularly speaks at conferences in North American and beyond. David his wife, Shona, have five children and they love camping, fishing, boating, and skiing in the Lake Michigan area.


"Happy is a cheap word nowadays, hardly strong enough to describe the realistic, joyful, triumphant Christian life into which David Murray labors to lead us. His book overflows with earthy, deep-rooted biblical wisdom that many miss but all of us need."
- Dr. J. I. Packer, Professor of Theology, Regent College

"The Happy Christian is a timely reminder to all believers that the sorrows of this world are no match for the supreme joy of knowing Christ. Christians everywhere will be encouraged by this work for years to come."
- Ed Stetzer, President of Lifeway Research Division, contributing editor for Christianity Today

"If anyone else had written a book with this title I wouldn't have picked it up. The fact that it was written by Dr. David Murray made me not only pick it up but study it in depth. This is not a 'feel good' book but a book about the genuine joy and happiness that we can know as beloved followers of Christ in a broken world."  - Sheila Walsh, author of Loved Back to Life

"A timely corrective to both the excesses of the 'prosperity gospel' and the gloomy spirit that overcomes so many Christians. Biblically compelling and pastorally encouraging, this easy-to-read book makes an important point that Christians need to hear. Read The Happy Christian and remember that through the love of Christ you are blessed by God!"- Dr. Richard Phillips, minister and author of Jesus the Evangelist

"A robust and welcome defense of how the gospel acts in the lives of those who have been transformed by it. A great read--transforming and uplifting." - Derek Thomas, Professor of Systematic & Historical  Theology. RTS. 

“David Murray here opens out ten arguments to show how a Christian’s gloom may be converted into happiness. Believers will welcome this practical guidance on how our feelings may, by biblical discipline, become increasingly joyful. This book is good medicine for sad saints.” – Maurice Roberts, Retired Pastor and author of The Happiness of Heaven

“A happy countenance is a good thing but is too often lacking in Christian lives. The Happy Christian is a book that addresses this present need. Without minimizing the trials of this life or their significance, David Murray challenges the dour, downcast, and joyless Christian to change their thoughts and feeling by the power of the Spirit and a little effort. This is an incredibly practical book, filled with the truth of Scripture, which helpfully and happily encourages and exhorts readers to renew their minds in the pursuit of Christ.” – Jason Helopoulos, assistant Pastor, University Reformed Church