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The Judgment and Destruction of Jerusalem - 2 Volumes in 1 (Patton / Holford)

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2 Volumes in 1

The importance of this new reprint of two older books on the destruction of Jerusalem is three-fold. First, it shows clearly how the prophecies of the Bible and especially of Jesus concerning the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70, were specifically fulfilled. Second, it impresses the reader with the magnitude of the destruction of Jerusalem so he can understand Jesus’ statement concerning the fall of Jerusalem in Matthew 24:21. Third, it impresses the reader with the magnitude of the sovereignty of the resurrected and reigning Christ, who will return to earth triumphantly at the end to subject all things to God. 


1. The Judgement of Jerusalem: Predicted in Scripture - Fulfilled in History ( - Rev. Wm. Patton

Table of Contents:

1. The City

2. The Temple

3. The Prediction

4. The Causes of the War, and the Safety of the Christians

5. The Six Signs

6. The Trench around the City

7. The Sufferings of the Besieged Jews

8. The Taking of the City

9. The Temple Destroyed

10. Subsequent History of the Jews


2. The Destruction of Jerusalem: An Irresistible Proof of the Divine Origin of Christianity (90 pages) George Peter Holford

History records few events more generally interesting than the destruction of Jerusalem, and the subversion of the Jewish state, by the arms of the Romans. Their intimate connection with the dissolution of the levitical economy, and the establishment of Christianity in the world; the striking verification which they afford of so many of the prophecies - are circumstances which must always insure to the subject of the following pages more than ordinary degrees of interest and importance. 

For the use and gratification of such, the present treatise, in a more accessible and familiar forms, is diffidently offered to the public.