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The King's Daughter: And Other Stories for Girls (White)

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A.B. Publisher, Inc.

Due to the noble effort of the original California publisher, these stories were found in nearly every orphanage in our land during the late 1800’s. We bring to you an original reproduction of the 1910 edition with its 100 illustrations.

Table of Contents:

  1. The King’s Daughter
  2. The Old Brown House
  3. A Story for School Girls
  4. What One Lie Did
  5. Two Ways of Reading the Bible
  6. Courtesy to Strangers
  7. Live for Something
  8. Jennie Browning
  9. Past and Future
  10. Anna’s Difficulty
  11. Company Manners
  12. Confide in Mother
  13. They Took Me In
  14. The Little Sisters
  15. A Valuable Secret
  16. Telling Mother
  17. A Story of School Life
  18. How Bess Managed Tom
  19. A Little Girl’s Thoughts
  20. Carelees Gracie’s Lesson
  21. Vicarious Punishment
  22. Patty’s Secret
  23. Mopsey’s Mistake
  24. A Girl’s Song
  25. Carrie’s Marks
  26. Susie’s Prayer
  27. The Stolen Orange
  28. Wee Janet’s Problem
  29. Bertha’s Grandmother
  30. Putting Off Till To-morrow
  31. Nothing Finished
  32. What’s The Use
  33. Susy Diller’s Christmas Feast
  34. The Barn That Blossomed
  35. I Shall Not Want
  36. How Dorothy Helped the Angel
  37. One Girl’s Influence
  38. Two Kinds of Service
  39. Duty and Pleasure
  40. The Dangerous Door
  41. The Golden Windows
  42. Trust Always: never Fret
  43. The New Life
  44. The Impossible Yesterday
  45. A Child’s Puzzle
  46. How She Showed She Was Sorry


"This is one of the best selections of old fashion "character building" stories I know. I have read and reread them from childhood." - Dr. Raymond S. Moore