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The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years (25th Anniversary Edition) (Ham)

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Revised & Expanded for this special 25th anniversary edition, Ken Ham once again takes the lead in pointing out the looming precipice too many church leaders are rushing towards: a denial of the full authority and accuracy of the Bible from its very first verse.

In addition, Ken powerfully shows how the ideas of evolution and millions of years are driving young people away from the Christian faith, and provides solid, biblical solutions to turn things around. 

Published in 1987, this book took a bold stand which became prophetic. Ken warned the church about the destructive effects of compromise with evolutionary/millions of years ideas. He warned that compromise in Genesis would undermine Scriptural authority in the culture and erode confidence in the infallibility of God’s Word. Today, Christians (and those considering the Christian faith) increasingly doubt the Bible’s reliability.

  • Compromising Genesis has led to a generational loss of an acceptance of the absolute authority of the Word of God, and leading to an exodus of young people from the church
  • Why Genesis remains critically important in presenting the Gospel
  • This slippery slope of reinterpreting Scripture to redefining biblical doctrine
  • Discover how your handling of the biblical account of creation impacts your understanding of all of Scripture and your worldview

The issues are of critical importance when you realize that today we have Christians not only confused when it comes to Genesis and the age of the earth, but now even the reality of Hell, Adam as a real person, and Christ’s own words about creation, marriage and more are debated in the pulpits across the world. One compromise just leads  to another – and it has to end if we want to leave a legacy of faith to future generations.


Table of Contents:

  1. Christianity Is Under Massive Attack
  2. Evolution and Religion
  3. Creation and Religion
  4. The Root of the Problem
  5. Crumbling Foundations
  6. Genesis Does Matter
  7. Death: The ‘Last Enemy’
  8. The Evil Fruit of Evolutionary Thinking
  9. Evangelism in a Pagan World
  10. Wake Up, Shepherds!
  11. Creation, Flood, and Coming Fire

Epilogue – An Uncertain Sound

Appendix 1: Maturing the Message: Creationism and Biblical Authority in the Church

Appendix 2: Millions of Years or Evolution: Which Is the Greater Threat?

Appendix 3: Other ‘Interpretations’ of Genesis    



Ken Ham is the president/CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis - U.S. and the highly acclaimed Creation Museum. Ken Ham is one of the most in-demand Christian speakers in North America.



“I remember reading the first edition of The Lie right after I heard Ken Ham speak for the first time. Twenty-five years later, I am astounded not only to learn that over 450,000 others have purchased this wonderful book, but that its message of biblical authority is more relevant today.” — Mark Looy, co-founder with Ken Ham of AiG