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The Ministry Medical: A Health-Check from 2 Timothy (Griffiths)

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Paul's instructions and personal model for faithful ministry remain the standard for every generation. They were written to Timothy in the first instance, but they are very much for us pastor-teachers today. The aim of this short book is simply to boil down the instructions Paul gives, and the characteristics of his own ministry that he commends, so that we may see how our own lives and ministries measure up.
There are 36 questions from 2 Timothy in this checkup, each forming a chapter. There is also a checklist at the end of the book, going into each question. The book is a challenge, prompt and refresher for any pastor-teacher at any stage of his ministry. It could be read with a group of leaders or elders, taking one or two questions at a time for consideration and prayer.

Chapters include: Are you praying for your people? serving with a clear conscience? Fanning into flame the gift of God? Serving in the power of the Spirit? Ashamed or suffering? Convinced that God will guard the gospel? Entrusting to future leaders? Avoiding entanglements? Thinking over what the Bible says? Remembering Jesus? Reminding your people that there is suffering before glory? Avoiding godless chatter? Correcting opponents with gentleness? Preaching in the light of the end, in season, out of season, reproving, rebuking and exhorting? Being patient with your people? Doing the work of an evangelist? Longing for His appearing? Zealous for the Lord's glory?



Jonathan Griffiths serves as tutor on the Cornhill Training Course. He previously served as assistant minister at Christ Church, Westbourne. He is married to Gemma and they have two children, Teddy and Arabella.



"In 2 Timothy, God has provided a key Biblical model, example, and standard of ministry for our local church ministers. It corrects our assumptions and misunderstandings, as it corrects many popular current theories about how do to local church ministry. It challenges and encourages us to do what God wants us to do, warns us of dangers, and reveals the God-given goals and means we should follow.
This book by Jonathan Griffiths is a brilliantly effective study, which makes good use of 2 Timothy to give us a diagnostic tool to assess the health of our ministry. It would be equally productive for those starting out in ministry, those in their middle years, and those nearing the finishing line! It is simple and straightforward: the format of questions and comments works very well, and makes the book very user-friendly. This book will help you fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith. Highly recommended." - Peter Adam ~ Vicar Emeritus, St Jude's Church, Carlton, Victoria, Australia

"This wonderful book distills Paul's second letter to Timothy into 36 simple, searching and strategic questions for all who are seeking to preach the Word. Written with clarity and honesty, The Ministry Medical is practical and personal, reflective and refreshing. The book calls us back to the Apostolic shape of life and ministry, to the hard work of living for and proclaiming Jesus Christ. It is a magnificent resource and reminder for all in pastoral ministry and I highly recommend it." - David Short ~ Rector of St John's, Vancouver, Canada and member of the Council of the Gospel Coalition

"Paul's Second Letter to Timothy, along with the other Pastoral Epistles, is the God-given blueprint for a faithful biblical ministry. Jonathan Griffiths's superb book is a wonderful vehicle for allowing 2 Timothy to search us out, rebuke us, reshape us and encourage us on in gospel work. This is a health-check every servant of the Word will want to undergo - whether starting out in ministry, continuing in the mid years or pushing for the finishing line. It will benefit every gospel minister and can be used in quiet times or for group study within an eldership or a staff team." - Greg Strain ~ Senior Pastor, Spicer Street Church, St Albans, England

"I thoroughly recommend taking The Ministry Medical! Because the questions are taken straight from 2 Timothy, here is God's check-up for any minister of the gospel today. These 36 brilliantly concise chapters call us back to the essential priorities of truly Christian ministry. This will be a book to take down from the shelf again and again, to pray through and to share with colleagues and lay leaders." - Alasdair Paine ~ Trustee of Keswick Ministries and Vicar of St Andrew the Great, Cambridge, England