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The Morality of God in the Old Testament - Christian Answers to Hard Questions (Beale)

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Several interpretations of Genesis and scientific evidence endeavor to demonstrate harmony: among them young-earth creationism, mature creation, the day-age theory, the analogical-day theory, and the framework hypothesis. Vern Poythress explores which is best.

Written to equip and strengthen laypeople in their defense of the faith, Christian Answers to Hard Questions challenges contemporary opposition to Christianity with concise, practical answers.



G. K. Beale (PhD, University of Cambridge) is professor of New Testament and biblical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. In recent years he has served as president and member of the executive committee of the Evangelical Theological Society. He has written several books and articles on biblical studies.



"Navigating questions about morality, especially the morality of God in the Old Testament, requires special care and thoughtful, biblical consideration. In this little booklet, Beale provides readers with just that." - Miles V. Van Pelt, Alan Belcher Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Language, Academic Dean, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson

"Effectively treats this difficult and, for many, troublesome topic. The way Beale addresses the issues raised in terms of the unfolding of the history of salvation is particularly helpful and instructive." - Richard B. Gaffin Jr., Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Emeritus, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia