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The Pilgrim's Progress Primer: John Bunyan's Classic Story Told in One Syllable Words (Godolphin & Nichols)

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For over three hundred years the story of The Pilgrim's Progress has fascinated readers young and old alike with its vivid portrayal of the joys, trials, and tribulations of Christian and his companions, Faithful and Hopeful, in their journeys to the Celestial City. Here his initial setting out from the City of Destruction; his visit with the Interpreter; clash with Apollyon, the Prince of evil; their encounters with a variety of false Pilgrims; the trials and tribulations of Vanity Fair; the capture and imprisonment of Christian and Hopeful by Giant Despair; their enlightening visit with the Shepherds of the Delectable Mountains; hazardous crossing of the River of Death; and entrance into the Celestial City are all described in one syllable words for readers young and old alike. The easy to read text, faithful to John Bunyan's original story, combined with the beautiful full color 19th century etchings of H. C. Selous and M. Paolo Priolo will make this book a delight for a new generation of readers of all ages.