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The Reign of Grace: From Its Rise to Its Consummation (Booth)

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The Reign of Grace: From its Rise to its Consummation which the author described as his “feeble attempt to illustrate its power and majesty, that the free favor of God manifested in our salvation, is a theme so copious and so sublime, that all which can be said by the most evangelical and eloquent preachers; all that can be written by the most accurate and descriptive pens; all that can be conceived by the most excursive and sanctified imagination among the sons of men, must come infinitely short of a full display.” In this book is a remarkable reverie of grace.


Table of Contents:

  1. Concerning the Signification of the term Grace
  2. Of Grace as it reigns in our Election
  3. Of Grace, as it reigns in our Effectual Calling
  4. Of Grace, as it reigns in a full, free, and everlasting Pardon
  5. Of Grace as it reigns in our Justification
  6. Of Grace, as it reigns in our Adoption
  7. Of Grace, as it reigns in our Sanctification
  8. Concerning the Necessity and Usefulness of Holiness, and of Good Works
  9. Of Grace, as it reigns in the Perseverance of the Saints to eternal Glory
  10. Concerning the Person of Christ, by whom Grace reigns
  11. Concerning the Work of Christ, through which Grace reigns
  12. Concerning the Consummation of the glorious Reign of Grace



Abraham Booth (1734 – 1806) was an English dissenting minister and author, known as a Baptist apologetical writer.