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The St. Andrews Seven: The Finest Flowering of Missionary Zeal in Scottish History (Piggin & Roxborough)

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The St Andrews Seven is the moving and inspiring story of six young men whose remarkable influence on one another as fellow students in the University of St Andrews, Scotland, in the 1820s led them to the profound conviction that ‘Only one thing seemed to matter: to discover God’s will and do it’.

The chief characters in this extraordinary account of a teenage enthusiasm to serve Christ to the end of the earth are the great Thomas Chalmers, and six of his students: Alexander Duff, John Urquhart, John Adam, Robert Nesbit, William Sinclair Mackay, and John Ewart. Their influence in later life, especially in India, was to be far beyond their wildest expectations.

The authors trace vividly and popularly the story— the aspirations, fears, doubts, struggles, opposition, sorrows, triumphs—of these six most gifted and dedicated young Christians, including one of their number who died before he could fulfil his heart’s ambition.

First published in 1985, The St Andrews Seven once again brings the names of these men to the fore, and challenges the church of today to put aside its mediocrity and respond obediently to Christ’s great commission.


Table of Contents: 

1. Chalmers’ Grand Design

2. Early Lives

3. The Pursuit of Academic Excellence

4. By Dint of Steady Labor

5. The Incoming Tide

6. A Well-run Student Society

7. Student Politics in the Year of Conflict

8. ‘A Sober Determination’ – The Missionary Call 

9. Charity Begins at Home

10. Consummation of Holiness

11. Separated in this Life

12. The ‘Six’ in India

Epilogue – The Scottish Missionary Movement in India