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The Thought of God (Roberts)

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This is a collection of articles which have already been widely read and appreciated as editorials in The Banner of Truth magazine, of which Maurice Roberts is the editor. Pointedly biblical, they are thoughtful and searching, humbling and exalting, challenging and encouraging.

Like editorials in other journals Maurice Robert’s articles have spoken to the needs of the times. But while many editorials appear to have only historical or sociological interest at a later day, in contrast these are of lasting value. They have God and his Word as their starting place, and their horizon stretches beyond time to eternity. Those who have already read them will rejoice to have these pieces conveniently and permanently in book form, while those who come to them for the first time will appreciate their freshness, relevance and power, and will find in them a seriousness which has a sanctifying effect on the heart and a clarifying influence on the spiritual vision.

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Table of Contents:

Preface ix
I Our Great God 1
  1. The Thought of God 3
  2. ‘O The Depth!’ 9
  3. The Still Small Voice 16
  4. Ceasing From Man 22
  5. The Interpretation of Providence in History 30
  6. Our Need of Faith at This Hour 48
II Fellowship With Christ 55
  7. Christ the Lover of Our Souls 57
  8. ‘Better Than Wine’ 67
  9. The Christian’s Refreshing 73
  10. The Surpassing Love of Christ 79
  11. Our Unpopular Lord Jesus 86
III The Christian’s Walk 93
  12. At Home in the Heavenlies 95
  13. A Time to Afflict the Soul 100
  14. The Management of Our Pride 108
  15. Redeeming the Tongue 114
  16. A Dose of Moral Courage 120
  17. Glorying in Our Infirmities 124
  18. Satan’s Advantages From Christians’ Frailties 130
  19. Where Have the Saints Gone? 137
  20. Where Godliness is Leaking 143
IV Life Together 153
  21. The Fellowship of Saints 155
  22. The Supreme Grace of Christian Love 161
  23. When Good Men Fall 167
  24. Christian Friendships 173
  25. The Prayer for Revival 181
V The Glory to Come 189
  26. ‘Until the Day Break .. .’ 191
  27. When the Trumpet Sounds 197
  28. Heaven – The Home of Saints 206
  29. Heaven – A Perfect State 214
  30. The Happiness of Heaven 224
  Notes 231



Maurice Roberts is an author, international conference speaker, and emeritus minister in the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) denomination.