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The True Gospel: Jonathan Edwards on Eternal Salvation (Nichols)

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The church at the beginning of the 21st century is saturated with false doctrine. From the lack of preaching on sin, to the diminishing of the doctrine of hell, the omitting of the doctrine of repentance, the preaching of the "repeat the words of this prayer" salvation, the modern gospel is a perversion of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Commitment to Christ has been dumbed-down to mean nothing more than a one-time repetition of a prayer no matter how the person lives thereafter. Pride has saturated the ministry of many churches so that their primary purpose seems to be to glorify pastors, deacons, and worship leaders. Selfish Christianity, which is not Christianity at all, has become the norm.

What would Jonathan Edwards had thought of today's gospel? The sermons in this book have been selected to represent as clearly as possible the gospel which Edwards preached. All but one have been taken from the original handwritten manuscripts of Jonathan Edwards and include commentary by William C. Nichols contrasting the gospel Edwards preached with the false gospel of today.