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The Works of Andrew Gray (Gray)

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Soli Deo Gloria
Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket

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Gray was a 17th century divine whose writings are highly regarded. Included in this one volume re-issue of the 1839 edition are, The Mystery of Faith, Great and Precious Promises, The Assurance of Faith, Directions to the Duty of Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Spiritual Contentment and more.


  • The Mystery of Faith opened - Six Sermons
  • On the Great Salvation - Two Sermons
  • On Death - One Sermon
  • The Great and Precious Promises - Five Sermons
  • On the Usefulness of Faith in Advancing Sanctification - One Sermon
  • On the Assurance of Faith - Three Sermons
  • Directions and Instigations to the Duty of Prayer - Four Sermons
  • Concerning the Way How a Christian Ought to Keep His Heart - Three Sermons
  • Arguments for Hearing God's Threatening Rod - Two Sermons
  • The Spiritual Warfare - Eight Sermons
  • Spiritual Contentment - Two Sermons
  • Communion Sermons - Eleven Sermons
  • Exhortation
  • A Speech, before the Communion at Kirklistoun
  • A Word of Exhortation, at Serving Some Tables at Kirklistoun
  • A Letter, sent by Mr. Andrew Gray, when on his own death-bed, to Lord Warristoun


"Unlike many collections of Works, Andrew Gray is thoroughly readable from the opening series of sermons on "The Mysteries of Faith" to the closing letter addressed from his deathbed. Gray is a gem - read him from beginning to end."

- Dr. Joel R. Beeke

"Andrew Gray's knowledge of Christian experience was wonderfully extensive and minute; he knew well the joys and troubles, the helps and hinderances, the temptations and the delusions of the Christian life. He had a remarkable power of proving the conscience; as James Durham remarked, he could make men's hair stand on end."

- Dr. William Blaikie

"Andrew Gray was a spark from Heaven."

- Rev. George Hutcheson