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The Works of Edward Polhill (Polhill)

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"Everything of Polhill is evangelical and valuable." - Cotton Mather 

The Works contains four of Polhill’s writings. In the first work, he discusses God’s nature, justice, love, power, truth, providence and the Christian’s duty towards a holy life. In the second Polhill explains the nature of God’s will and the eternal decrees of election and predestination. In the third work, he chronicles the life of faith culminating in a discussion of the assurance of faith. In the last work he shows how Christians to bear suffering.


Edward Polhill (1622-1694) was the son of a clergyman of the same name, rector of Ellington, Kent. He studied law and was justice of the peace in Burwash, Sussex, where he owned considerable estates. Polhill was a very methodical writer who articulated clearly his divisions and subdivisions. He sets forth his position and provides scriptural and logical evidence for it, then discusses objections and formulates answers to them. Polhill, along with other noted Puritans (Jean Davenant, Richard Baxter, James Ussher, Lazarus Seaman, John Arrowsmith, Moses Amyraut, John Preston, Stephen Marshall, and others), held to a hypothetical universal redemption position. John Owen disagreed with him on this point but lauded most of his writings. This position, however, is not prominent in Polhill's writings. The venerable Cotton Mather said, "Everything of Polhill is evangelical and valuable." - Dr. Roger Nicole.