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The Writings of Thomas Peck, 3 Vols.

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As a teacher, Peck was in the front rank. 'As an expositor of truth, as an exegete of Scripture,' his successor C.R. Vaughan believed, 'he was probably without a rival in his day.' But it was not mere teachers that he laboured to prepare for the gospel ministry but rather men 'with a tongue set on fire'. In this his own life was a constant example, possessed as he was with a moral conviction and a resolute fidelity to Scripture which 'sometimes puzzled the lovers of expediency'. Yet this was ever combined with a generous enthusiasm and warm affections. Devotion to principle is the only biblical remedy for our age of religious uncertainty and compromise. In these volumes, Peck's life work will be continued in another generation.

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Table of Contents:

Volume One

Our motto: “truth like a torch the more it’s shook it shines”

The Relations Of The Gospel To The Poor: Christian Living

The Worship Of The Church

The Worship Of The Church Paganized: Romanism: Biographical Lectures Etc

Volume Two

Theological and evangelical

Historical and expository


Volume Three

I Biographical Sketch Of Dr Peck By Dr C R Vaughan

II Notes On The Acts Of The Apostles

III Briefs And Sermons On The Acts Of The Apostles

IV Sermons Referred To In The Sermon Briefs On Acts

V Other Sermons And Briefs