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This God Our God: Creator, Judge, Saviour (Brown)

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Eric Alexander’s great concern in Our Great God and Saviour is that Christians should know how rich they are in their gracious God and Saviour, and in his perfect work of salvation. Each study brings out a fresh aspect of this theme, as we contemplate in turn the character of God, the salvation of God, and the church of God.

In words which the author quotes from the works of the Puritan Stephen Charnock: ‘If rich men delight to sum up their vast revenues, to read over their rentals, to look upon their hoards, how much more should the people of God please themselves in seeing how rich they are in having an immensely full and all-sufficient God as their inheritance.’ These warm and pastorally-directed studies will provide satisfying food for the hearts and minds of Christian readers everywhere.


Table of Contents:

1 This God Our God 1
2 The Deep Things of God 15
3 God Thinks 23
4 Worship 33
5 A Mighty Arm 45
6 Noah’s Telescope 55
7 Amen, O Lord 69
8 The Ungodly and Their End 83
9 God-given Quietness 95
10 His Great Love 109
11 Is There a Hell? 121
12 A Rough Night at Sandown 135
13 A Voice from Pompeii 147
14 A Pardoning God 161
15 Grace and Glory 175
16 Higgaion 185
17 A Blaze of Diamonds 199
18 Unto him be glory 211
19 The Heart’s Cry after God 223
20 Past Finding Out 235



Archibald Geikie Brown (1844-1922) was impressed in boyhood under the ministry of C. H. Spurgeon in the Surrey Music Hall and Exeter Hall, but was actually led to decision for Christ through a personal appeal made to him by S. A. Blackwood. His name became a household word in East London, and the Tabernacle witnessed many memorable scenes—none, perhaps, more remarkable than the great Saturday evening prayer meetings which formed a fitting prelude to Sundays of grace and power.