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Today's Evangelism: Its Message and Methods (Reisinger)

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The church today is filled with folks eager to run with a message but who cannot deliver an accurate report. Others understand the gospel quite well but do not run with it. In his life, Ernest Reisinger attempted to unite truth and zeal, and his book assists us toward the same worthy goal. 

Table of Contents: 

Introduction: Evangelize or Fossilize 

1. Evangelism – What Is It? 

2. The Goal of Evangelism as Mandated by our Lord 

3. The Scope and Results of Evangelism 

4. Doctrinal Content of the Message of Evangelism 

5. The Authority and Power for our Commission to Evangelize 

6. What is the Difference? 

7. Methods of Inviting Sinners to Christ 

8. Is There a Divine Method? 

9. Summary and Comparison 

10. Why Do Some Sinners Come to Christ While Others do Not? 

11. The Nature of the Response 

12. Assurance of Grace and Salvation 

13. Conclusion

Appendix: The Nature of Saving Faith 


Ernest C Reisinger (1919-2004), builder, pastor and author, has been described as an ‘unsung hero of the twentieth-century renaissance in Reformed Theology’. Reisinger, a Reformed Baptist pastor, helped lay the foundation for what became the Founders Ministries, which was instrumental under God in returning Southern Baptists to their Reformed beginnings.