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Touchy Topics (Tinker)

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Melvin Tinker is Senior Minister of St John, Newland, Hull. Previously he was chaplain to the University of Keele. His books include Why do bad things happen to good people?, Close Encounters and Alien Nation (Christian Focus), Reclaiming Genesis (Monarch), Intended for Good-The Providence of God (Inter Varsity Press) and What Do You Expect?: Ecclesiastes for Today, Salt, Light and Cities on Hills and A Lost God in a Lost World (EP Books).


Finding answers to questions like the nature of God, his sovereign control in life, evil, and suffering, is what makes up a person's worldview. In this book, where faith is seeking understanding, these and other subjects are probed with care, sensitivity, and faithfulness to the truth of Scripture. David F. Wells, Distinguished Research Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Melvin Tinker has that unique ability to teach important ideas, make constructive arguments, all while entertaining with lively stories, examples, and lucid writing. This book is a must read! --Mark Lanier, Author of Christianity on Trial

Melvin Tinker is to be commended for this latest book. His purpose is to equip Christians to communicate the gospel in a culture that has forgotten God. His vision and voice is refreshing. --Andrea Minichiello Williams

A very helpful book that tackles head-on some of the most contentious issues facing Christians, both inside and outside the church. This book will enable Christians to be more confident in their faith and equip them to be more effectively in evangelism and apologetics. --John Stevens