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Two Things You Must Do To Be Saved: How to Communicate Essential Gospel Truths to the Lost (Waldron)

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Calvary Press Publishing

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The purpose of this book is to help you communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly, accurately and more effectively with others. It is not intended as a “Gospel tract,” but as a tool for you to be more proficient as an ambassador for Christ and His Kingdom. While it is quite fine to use this book as an evangelistic study, it is more accurate to say that this book is a study guide for those who want to be evangelists. As such, it will help you to be more accurate in your approach to presenting Gospel truth to the unsaved—and perhaps give more clarity to those who are saved, but have trouble articulating what it means to “be saved.”

This book will be absolutely invaluable to pastor and layperson alike, both now and in the future, since these eternal verities never change. With Biblical ignorance being epidemic, both in the secular world and among those in the church, this is a timely book that will be essential for the work of true evangelism!

Table of Contents:

  1. On Doing
  2. On Being Saved
  3. On the Relation of Repentance and Faith
  4. On the Relation of Repentance and Faith (Continued)
  5. On the Tree of Repentance
  6. On the Soil of Repentance
  7. On the Trunk & Branches of Repentance
  8. On the Foliage of Repentance
  9. On the Fruits of Repentance
  10. On the Arrow of Faith
  11. On the Origin of Faith - The Quiver
  12. On the Object of Faith - The Arrowhead
  13. On the Nature of Faith - The Arrow Shaft
  14. On the Instrumentality of Faith - The Arrow Feathers
  15. On the Assurance of Faith - The Target
  16. On the Assurance of Faith - The Target (Continued)
  17. On the Authenticity of Faith
  18. Have You Done the Two Things?



Dr. Samuel E. Waldron is noted pastor, author and teacher. He holds a Th.M from Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary and a Ph.D from Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. Among his many other books are The End Times Made Simple and Two Be Continued: Are the Miraculous Gifts for Today?



"Sam Waldron has written a concise yet substantive explanation of what is necessary in order to be right with God. Repentance and faith are duties that the Bible sets before everyone who would be saved. Dr. Waldron shows what these duties are and how they are fulfilled. May God use this little book to open the eyes of many to see things as they really are and to turn from sin and trust Jesus Christ as Lord." - Tom Ascol, Pastor and Executive Director of Founders Ministries

"In a day when so little is understood or taught about the nature of true repentance and saving faith, this brief work on the subject is indispensable. I recommend that every minister of the Gospel be diligent to study its contents and preach its truths to their congregations." - Paul David Washer, Director of Heartcry Missionary Society

"I highly commend this outstandingly clear exposition of the two basic requirements of eternal salvation, namely repentance and faith." - Erroll Hulse, Editor of Reformation Today