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Under the Southern Cross (Alcock)

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Inheritance Publications

"A good ending to your story," said the monk, smiling.

"It is not quite the end," Jose answered. "The Auqui came in triumph to the the place where his father was. Then the old Inca took from his head the llautu - the sacred crimson fringe - and the black and white wing-feathers of the coraquenque, and he put them on the head of the brave young Auqui; and he bade his captains bear him aloft in the golden chair, and salute him as the mighty Inca, Child of the Sun, Friend of the Poor. From then on the Auqui reigned gloriously. He took to himself the name of the bright spirit that appeared to him on the plains of Chita - Viracocha, 'foam of the sea.' He built a beautiful temple in his honour. The work was long, and took many years to finish; but he saw it finished, for he reigned until his hair was white as the snow of the Andes."